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How to wash a Trex deck

Waterworks NW get many requests “How to wash a Trex deck“. Both requests for cleaning and just general information on how to safely clean them. In the Northwest, with all of the mold and mildew deck cleaning is usually a yearly process. And since refinishing a cedar deck is so expensive lots of people are turning to Trex decking as a great alternative. But issues with mold are still the same whether you have a wood or composite deck. I put together a impromptu video series on one of our recent projects. I apologize in advance for the poor camera work, sorta hard to hold and clean at the same time.

By applying a biodegradable cleaning solution it does 99% of the work without using pressure to clean. Now since we are a pressure washing company for the sake of speed we clean with some pressure, but this could easily be done with a garden hose.

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