Composition Roof Care
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In the Northwest, homeowners who are concerned with moss growth on their composition roof have a few options available. Roof moss can start to grow on a brand new roof in as little as a year if the conditions are right. Moss not only looks bad, but can cause your roof shingles to lift up exposing the nails to the elements. Moss also attracts unwanted birds and other animals who use it for nesting material by pecking at the roof material to remove the moss. This can cause holes in the composition roof usually at the peaks which can lead to water damage inside the home.

Basic roof maintenance on a composition roof is to keep the moss from growing without damaging the integrity of the roofing material. This can be done by treating the moss with an approved moss deterrent by either a liquid of powder form of Zinc Sulfate, Bleach, Copper and a few others. Other methods used although not recommended are pressure washing, low pressure washing, scraping, brushing, brooming all will create premature wear on your roof. Careful consideration should be used as to whether you should use a more aggressive method. For insurance reasons, buying or selling a home, or purely for aesthetics homeowner may choose to forgo a treatment only option for various reasons one maybe time. It does take time for a treatment only option to work but, it is the best option for the integrity of the roof material.

Pressure washing your composition roof will not only take off granules but can cause huge amounts of damage to your roof. Take a look at this Portland Roof Cleaning Blog. Imagine the emotions this homeowner experienced when we came down the roof with these photos. They were experiencing massive water damage inside their home. Another method used is low pressure cleaning and higher volume of water. While this method is certainly better than cleaning with high pressure it still will remove loose granules and could cause a leak around skylights and surrounding roofing fixtures. Not to mention cause a huge mess for you and your neighbors. If your neighbor just had their house or windows just washed they might not be to happy. This is a common complaint we hear most often.

Some homeowners request to have the moss brushed off of the roof. While this is a viable option in some cases it still will cause quite a bit of granule loss and premature wear to the roofing material. There are plenty of roof cleaning companies will brush the moss and sprinkle some zinc or another type of moss treatment on the roof. While this is not the best method to protect the integrity of the roof, sometimes it just needs to happen quick and we understand that. We made this roof cleaning video so potential customers can see the effects of brushing moss more closely.