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IMG_0122Welcome to the Portland metropolitan best Gutter Cleaning website for Waterworks NW. Our gutter cleaning company specializes in residential and commercial gutter cleaning in the metropolitan area. Waterworks NW pledges to our valued customers the finest value in gutter cleaning available. We back it up with an Iron Clad Guarantee that you will be so impressed with our professional gutter cleaning service, that if you are unhappy for any reason you won’t pay a penny!

What you can expect from Waterworks NW is an overwhelming sense of trust and professionalism. Every company seems to say the same old thing. We have the best equipment, the highest trained employees; we are family owned, etc… BUT, how many companies will tell you if you aren’t completely thrilled with their service you won’t pay a penny?  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true!


Residential and Commercial Gutter Cleaning  Portland Oregon

From time to time we are asked for references of previous clients before a potential customer decides on a gutter cleaning service provider. We value our privacy and especially our clients. Waterworks NW will never give out our client’s private information, just to land a job. We are interested in building a long term relationship with our clients based on trust, professionalism and quality of service experience. We are not out to make a quick buck.


Mark Poole from Waterworks NW explains the Gutter Cleaning process

What can you expect from our gutter cleaning services is a thorough cleaning of all major debris. We will test your drainage system as well as test the gutter systems ability to drain water. We do not rinse every last drop of silt of the gutter system For our SAFETY we do not allow our workers to go up the ladder carrying the full weight of a water hose to spray out the gutter. Instead we use a light weight hose attached to a water source to flush the gutter system and check for function. We hang this at the opposite end of the gutter drain and let the water flow for 15 minutes.


A local gutter cleaner explains the need for proper gutter cleaning maintenance

Gutter by design are meant to direct water off of the roof, and away from the home or business. Gutters that are in need of repair or are full of debris cannot properly channel water away from the foundation which can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Our company receives calls almost every day from people who have water leaking into or around their foundation which cause mold problems as well as health risks. Damage can also occur if the climate changes and the pooling water freezes next to the deteriorating base. Freezing water can enlarge and even crack a foundation which will allow water to travel freely inside the home or business which can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.


A local gutter cleaner talks about the damaging effects of clogged gutters.

Gutters that are not properly flowing on a home can have disastrous consequences, such as a damaged foundation and water leaking into the home. We have seen water running down the siding and enter the home through window openings. Usually the top side of the windows have caulking that gets weathered from the sun and creates large cracks. These large cracks allow water to enter the walls and can ruin sheet rock, damage electrical outlets and possibly cause a fire. A clogged gutter also prevents water from leaving the gutter system. Water weights 8.333lbs per gallon, your gutter system can easily pull away from your home with that much weight inside. With the gutters sagging from the weight, water enters the backside of the gutter wall and seeps into the fascia board and rots the anchor points for the gutter system. If your gutter system doesn’t have a fascia, it will have rafters as anchor points. If the ends of the rafters are rotten, how is the gutter system supposed to attach to the home? Gutter maintenance is extremely important and should be part of your annual maintenance schedule. Call (503) 844-6788 or click Contact Us in the upper right hand corner

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